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Council Pages of the Past


These are School council pages from past Councils (2016-2017 and before.


All current pages are under the 2018-2019 sub-page, and last year's pages are under the 2017-2018 sub-page.


Hopefully this will make the Council pages easier to navigate in future.

Anti-Bullying Posters


At the end of last term, we ran a competition for some anti-bullying messages to be turned into signs for display around school.  


The decision made took ages as there were so many good ones.  Sadly, only four could be chosen, but we got there!


Finally the designs were sent off and they arrived today.  Hurrah!


Here are the lucky winners, their signs and their smiles.  


They now need to have a nice chat with Mr Wall about where they are going.


Well done girls!


Anti-Bullying Poster Winners - Well Done!

Handwriting Competition Winners


These awards have been put here, under the School Council pages, as recognition for the hard-work the Council have put in to make this happen.


At the start of this term, we ran a competition to look at handwriting in school and to try and raise its profile as a valuable and worthwhile skill.


It started as a competition with a  single winners from each year-group and done on a volunteer-basis.  However the Council, and in particular KS2, thought that it is a skill everyone should have, and so  everyone should submit an entry.  One Councillor said, 'Everyone has to enter Sports Day because PE is important, so everyone should enter this too.'  I found that very hard to disagree with.


The winners also went from one per year, to two per year, again to try and demonstrate its importance.


The deadline was set, the entries received and then the judged started!  To begin with I, as head, did some initial filtering, and then the Council further sorted into a 'yes' and 'no' pile.  


Ruthless!  That's the word I was looking for!  There had a very stringent set of criteria and took no prisoners.  Each year group was judged anonymously and fairly - with no class's Councillor judging their own class.


Eventually, with the help of Mrs. Crotty as English leader, the winners were chosen.


Congratulations to the winners - whose work will now form part of our handwriting policy, and they are on display in the hall for all to see.  There will also be a selection of runner's-up in the Library, as as well as a number of other pieces around school.


A huge thanks goes firstly to all for entering, as well as you at home for supporting, the teachers for devoting class-time to it, Mrs Crotty for judging, Ms Andrews for the getting the vouchers, and finally to the School Council for everything they have done.  


Mr C, Feb 2017

Handwriting Winners