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On this page are a range of school polices which affect the day-to-day running of the school.  This is not an exhaustive or complete list, so if there is a policy you wish to see on here, then let us know.


The policies are listed alphabetically, with all curriculum policies at the end to keep them together. The majority of these policies were agreed at the first Governor's Meeting of the year, and signed copies are kept in the school's safeguarding folder.


There are also many policies relating to Child Protection on the Safeguarding pages, so please check there too.


All policies are available as hard-copies on request.


Mr C.

List of Statutory Policies

We strive to provide a safe and fair place for our children to learn and our staff to work and the governing body have developed a number of policies to guide this work. Please find the statutory ones in PDF documents in the links below.


Should you require a paper copy of any of the documents found here, or any other information on the school website, please call into the school office for assistance.  This is a service that we provide free of charge.

Accessibility Plan (S12)

Behaviour Policy


Dear Parents / Carers

Re:  Behaviour Policy

Early last term, I wrote to you all to inform you of some slight changes to the Behaviour Policy – namely the opportunity for children, who are on the ‘Sad Side’ to be given to opportunity to made better choices and make amends.  On the whole, this has been successful, and the majority of the children have used this opportunity to make better choices, and really show the teacher that they can pull themselves around and do better.


As a result of this, at the start of each term, those children not in the Reflection Room earn themselves extra playtime, by way of a ‘thank you for making the right choices’ from me.


However, we have noticed a small minority of children who do not take this opportunity, for whatever reason, and continue to make poor choices.  This then results in some Reflection Room time.  After some feedback from the children, it appears that the Reflection Room and the corresponding loss of lunchtime is not a deterrent to making poor choices. 


To this end, the sanctions have been changed slightly; the overall effect being that:

  • If a child is in the Reflection Room for 3 or more days in any one term, then they will lose the privilege of the next class visit or visitor. 
  • If a child is in the Reflection Room for 3 or more days in any one term, then they will lose the privilege of any after or before school clubs for a fixed time.

All behaviour, good or otherwise, is a choice.  If a child chooses to be in Reflection Room for 3 or more days, because of their behaviour choices, I will be of the opinion that they have chosen not to engage in the next trip or visit.  This will also mean that any money paid will be lost.


I am not prepared to take children out of school, or represent the school in any way, if they choose to behave in a way that is not of the high standards expected.  I am also not prepared for staff, who willingly give up their time to run clubs, to be treated in a disrespectful way.


These are the ‘headlines’, the full behaviour policy is available further down this page, or a copy can be located in the School Office and in every classroom.  The changes that have been made can be found in bold italics.


These changes will be effective from 24th February 2020.


Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Charging and Remissions Policy S2

SEND Policy S17

Complaints Policy and Procedure 4.27 (S6)

Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Policy (4.6)

Data Protection Information - GDPR


This contains all of the information relating to the retention, protection and access of information in school.



Data Breach Procedure

Taking Photos in School - Data Protection Good Practice Notes

Governor Handbook inc Instrument of Government S28

Governor Allowances (Expenses Policy) (S27)

Sex and Relationships Policy (4.21)

SMSC Policy and Statement Of British Values

sun protection policy

Teachers' Pay Policy (S11)

Feedback and Marking Policy

English Policy