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School Uniform

School Uniform


The intention of Camm's having a school uniform is to promote belonging, togetherness and a sense of community.  As a school we are all working together towards the same goals, and having a uniform that binds us, is very important.


On a practical note, uniforms are hardwearing, warm, reduce the 'what to wear' decisions in a morning, and help us with safety when out on school trips!



Children who are wearing what we consider to be unsuitable items will be challenged.  In this case, the children will be asked to either remove any items that are considered unsuitable and given the reasons why.  We would then expect changes in uniform to be made within a reasonable amount of time. 


Where possible, all jumpers, cardigans, t-shirts and dresses should have the school logo on them, but this is not a requirement.  Uniform can be sourced from anywhere.  We currently use School Trends as our preferred supplier, please use the link below to order. 


Please click Sizing chart  to view the uniform sizes.  However is not a requirement to use School Trends or to have a logo.  


If you get your uniform through Pupil Premium please e-mail the office with your requirements and Joe or myself will order it for you.


We also recognise that some children have difficulties with sensory processing and as such, clothing becomes an issue.  We never want uniform to become a barrier to learning.


So if the usual trousers are in the wash - fine; send your child in tracksuit bottoms today.  If the soles of their shoes have suddenly detached - no problems; send them in trainers.  You've misread the ParentHub and realised it's NOT Y4 non-uniform and you have set them in a  princess dress?  No worries, nip back and bring uniform in, they can change here.


However, we do expect that once problems have been overcome, they are not a regular thing.  Uniform is important, and as such, we are happy to take time to discuss this.


The following text is taken form the Uniform Policy.

Physical Education  


PE is a curriculum requirement and we will make every effort for the children to receive their legal entitlement. Under Health and Safety guidelines, we cannot maintain a stock of spare kit, nor should children be borrowing kit as it is unhygienic and will not always fit well. 


On the days that children have PE, please ensure that they come to school in the appropriate kit.  This is a change since the Covid outbreak.  By coming in kit it redues the learning loss due to the time taken to get changed, and also eliminates any issues of privacy and changing requirements for gender.   


PE Kit:  Indoors  


Where PE is indoors, generally for gymnastics, dance and when the weather is poor, the kit should be: 


  • White or house colour polo-shirt 
  • Black or Blue shorts – Not long or baggy 
  • Plimsolls 


PE Kit:  Outdoors 


Where PE is outdoors, either on the field or the playground, it will be for games, adventurous activities or sport, the kit should be: 


  • White or house colour polo-shirt 
  • Black or Blue shorts – Not long or baggy 
  • Trainers 
  • Long sleeves or trousers depending on the weather 
  • Cap/Hat in summer 


In all instances, football kits, or ‘club’ kits of any kind are not permitted as part of PE-Kit.  These can be worn for clubs, but must be used as a change or top.


PE Kit:  Swimming 


  • Towel 
  • Trunks – Not baggy swimming shorts 
  • Swimming costume – Not bikini 
  • Goggles – but a permission letter must be provided 


Please make sure that your child’s name is marked in all items of clothing and equipment.  It does not prevent loss, but it makes reuniting lost items and their owner much easier. 

Our Uniform


Winter Uniform  


  • Sweatshirts/cardigans/fleeces in red 
  • T-shirts / Polo shirts in red  
  • Black, grey or navy plain trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses  
  • Plain socks or tights 
  • Sensible shoes or black trainers (not boots with heels). 


Where the weather is poor, children are welcome to come to school in boots or wellingtons, but will be expected to change into suitable footwear indoors.  If a change has not been brought, children will wear their PE plimsolls, if in school.     


Trainers should be predominantly black and in keeping with the uniform as a whole.  Where it is deemed that this is not the case, children will be asked to change into PE plimsolls. 


Summer Uniform 


In summer, in addition to the any of the main items the following may be worn: 


  • Checked or dresses in red 
  • Fitted shorts in black, navy or grey 
  • Plain T shirt in royal red  
  • Sturdy sandals (strappy or high- heeled sandals are not suitable) 






At the end of Year 6, we currently present the children with a commemorative hoodie which is considered part of school uniform. 


Non-Uniform Days


On non-uniform days, charity days or out-of-school hours events, the children are encouraged to be individual and expressive of their own styles and personalities. As such all of the above rules are relaxed, with the exception of those related to health and safety or safeguarding, namely:


  • Inappropriate footwear
  • False Nails
  • Jewellery
  • Smart-watches




Where children choose to identify as a different gender no prejudice shall be attached to that decision.  The uniform policy states what is expected in terms of clothing, there is no expectation or enforcement as to the wearer.  We welcome all to Camm’s. 




We do not wish to take a heavy-handed approach to the enforcement of uniform in school, nor do we wish for the policy to be disregarded.  Where possible, we will work with families to ensure compliance to the rules of the school.  This includes working closely with families who are entitled to FSM to develop alternative solutions. 


It is more important to have a child in school in the ‘wrong’ uniform, than to have a child at home. 


Camm’s reserves the right to ask children to change items of clothing or footwear that are deemed unsuitable or not within the spirit of this policy.  



As of October 30th 2017 we do not permit the wearing of earrings by pupils in school.   

Should your child come to school with earrings, you will be called and asked to return to school to remove them.  We have taken this decision based on safety, particularly in PE and when on the playground. 


If you wish for your child to have their ears pierced, please do so at the start of the summer holiday to allow for the 4-6 weeks healing period. 


PE is a controlled, planned and well-structured lesson, so earrings are permitted if taped up.  However, the more free activities and nature of playtimes and lunchtimes can (and have) led to incidents involving earrings, which we seek to prevent.   


Where earrings are worn the procedure will be: 


  • Earrings to be covered with tape – this must be provided and applied by home
  • Ask the children to remove them 
  • Ring parents to come into school to help removal
  • If 1 and 2 are unsuccessful, then we will keep the children safe during playtime and lunchtime via classroom-based activities. 
  • Arrange for a meeting with the school Governors to discuss the matter. 


The taping of earrings for a full day is not advisable as it tends not to last all day and we then ‘go back to square one’.  However, we recognise that this does fulfil the H&S requirements, and is left to parental choice.


Necklaces, bracelets, bangles, ornate hair-bands or other adornments deemed unsuitable to a school environment are not permitted and children will be asked to remove them. 


Watches are permitted, and actively encouraged. 


There has been an increase in smart-watches and fitness trackers in school and these are permitted as long as the watch does not have a camera as part of the device.  For safeguarding reasons, these are not permitted


As with all equipment, anything brought into school is done so at the owner’s risk. 


False Nails


We have seen an increase in the number of children wearing false nails.  These are not part of school uniform and steps should be taken to ensure that children are not wearing them for school.


We recognise that nails are not easily removed, and as such are aware that time is needed for them to grow out.  Where children are wearing false nails, we take no responsibility for harm or damage caused by the regular duties and activities in school.

S32 - Uniform Policy