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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


At Camms we treat all of our children equally and ensure that they all have access to the curriculum so that they can grow and flourish.  Where additional support is required to facilitate progress, we endeavour to provide the appropriate help and assistance so that every child succeeds.

Working in Partnership

A clear assessment of your child's progress will be shared with you at parents' meetings scheduled throughout the school year. If you are worried about a particular area of difficulty, or would like more information about how to support your child's progress at home, then please speak to your child's class teacher as your first point of contact. Please also share your knowledge and understanding of your child with us to inform our practice in school.


For those parents or guardians of children on our SEN register, you can also submit comments online by logging in securely to the edukey website. This site also enables you view your child's current learning plan targets. We believe this to a further way of facilitating our partnership with parents and guardians, working closely together so that every child succeeds. If you are yet to receive your email invitation, or if you require a reminder of your login details, please do get in touch.


Mr Blake is the school's Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo). Mr Blake has day-to-day responsibility for the operation of Special Educational Needs policy. He co-ordinates specific provision made to support individual pupils, including those who have Education, Health and Care plans or qualify for additional top-up funding through the Derbyshire Local Offer. 


If you need to get in touch with Mr Blake, please email or leave a message by phoning the school office. Alternatively, you can fill in the web form below.

SENDCo (Mr Blake) Contact Form


Miss Beadle completed her SENDCo training early in 2022 and will be supporting Mr Blake in developing SEN policy and provision at Camms Primary School, with a particular focus on those children on the SEN register who also receive Pupil Premium funding (PP). This new role further seeks to develop inclusive practice at our school by supporting the process of identifying and responding to barriers to learning across the school.


If you need to contact Miss Beadle, please complete the contact form below.

PPSEND (Miss Beadle) Contact Form

SEND Governor

Tori Lister is the SEND Specialist Governor here at Camms Primary School. Tori works with the rest of the governing body on key areas relating to the school's improvement plan, including the ongoing process of reviewing provision for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities in the school.


Pastoral Support

Mrs Roddis provides pastoral support for children at Camms, as well as delivering other intervention work in school. Pastoral care responds to social and emotional needs of individual children, and may only be required for a short period of time. Click here to find out more.


Sometimes children on our school's SEN register qualify for specialist teaching. SSSEN teachers have a wide range of expertise and additional qualifications in SEN. Support of this kind is dependent on a successful application. Click here for more details.

SEND Information Report

A yearly report for parents and guardians

Accessibility Plan

Derbyshire Local Offer