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Here you should be able to find information directly relating to your thoughts, ideas and opinions in school.


If there is something you wish to see, please let me know through the comment slips at the bottom of newsletters, comment slips in the Office, emails to or having a chat when you see us.


It is important that we, as stakeholders in the future of the children of Camm's, communicate regularly and effectively.  Naturally, that is not to say we can or will do everything that is suggested, but what we can promise is that we will listen.


Mr C.

Nov 2023 - Recent Survey


Many thank to those of you who took the time to complete the survey.  The turnout was a low one (compared to the previous ones).  I understand if my inability to respond to the previous one was the reason for this.


Please find below all of the data, analysis and letters of response for this year.

2021 - 2022 Survey Responses


As always, many thank to those of you who responded.  My replies are blend of responses from each year group (as some crossed over), together with individual answers.


I know there are a few errors (3 proofreads and counting) together with a couple of copy-paste errors.


We are all human and *note to self* do the survey before Christmas hits!


Take care

You Said


So We…

…the website should be ‘Apple Friendly’.



…contacted the providers to ensure compatibility.

…the Star of the Week certificate didn’t give enough information.



… added the reason on to the certificate.

… the Star of the Week winners needed to be on the website.


… created a blank certificate (for safeguarding purposes) and added them on to the children's page.

...  tried to get them on the same day as the awards are handed out.

… we needed to engage more with parents.



… organised a coffee morning for the chance to have an informal chat about the things that matter.

… sent out our Parental Survey to gather opinions.

… set up a Comments Box in main reception for thoughts and ideas.

... continued the parents and children rounders match for the Rounders Club.

... opened school up 6 times during the year to view work and speak to staff (2016)

... Headteachers coffee mornings combined with charity events.

... adopted Parent Hub as another method of communicating.

... make individual arrangements for parents who struggle with the normal Parents' Evening slots

... letters to go out electronically to stop the 'bottom of the bag' accidents.

... wanted to know about assessments.



... have organised a Parents Assessment Meetings.

... included more information in the annual report.

...  put on Phonics information sessions for Y1 parents.

... restarted Y6 SATs meetings (also a chance to discuss other Y6-related matters)




...wanted more 'settling in and starting' information


... continued to run starter mornings for Nursery and Reception.

... Introduced a new Y2 to Y3 transition evening.


... wanted different after-school clubs  

....introduced bell-ringing club (2016)

... started Art Club (2016)

... will start 'Acting' Club (Jan 2017)

... introduced Film Club

... are looking into Guitar lessons (2017) - Done

... re-start Running Club to give balance.

... engaged with 'Jumping Clay' as an art club

... wanted electronic payment   ... introduced Parent pay (2016)
... wanted hand gel available   ... gave the go-ahead for you to provide named bottles for your child (in a similar way to sun-tan lotion) (2016)
... wanted times on newsletter  

... all events have 24 hour times on then.  (Next step is for Mr C get dates right.)

... times also on Parent Hub

... there was too much dog mess on the path to Nursery and Infants  

... contacted NEDDC about the matter and persuaded them to put a bin on the path. We cannot make people use it though!


... wanted more information about progress   ...added a feedback slip to the Feb 2019 newsletter requesting information on exactly what, when and in what format.


Dec 2018 Survey


The delay in results and analysis were down to many and varied reasons, so apologies for that.


Results and responses are here.


Thanks all for engaging in this, and well done Noel in Y6 for being the lucky winner of the £10 Book Token



In response to the survey...


There are two more after-school clubs - Jumping Clay from an external provider and Art Club, run internally.


We have been contacted by NE Derbyshire District Council about a 'Dog Bin'.  Whilst I cannot take credit for this as it was an external response, we have also secured a litter bin and additional signage to help reinforce the message.


Communication - School will be open on the last afternoon of term for you to come and look through your children's work and speak to the teacher on a more informal basis.  This is in addition to Parents' Evenings, so please ensure you keep your appointments on the designated days, as the conversations during those open afternoons will be in the classroom.

November 2016 Survey


Thanks to all that took part and expressed your views and opinions.


Below this are the responses to the surveys as addressed to each class. It s worth reading each of the responses as some of the information is a applicable to the whole-school (and was included in each letter), but also, some of the items raised might 'ring bells' and be of interest for the future.


All of the decisions made by myself the Governors and I regarding the school are always with the interests of the children at their core. Some of the decisions will not be popular and the phrase of not pleasing all of the people all of the time, resonates strongly.


At no point do I or any staff member make a decision with a view to deliberately upsetting anyone - we have neither the time, desire or energy to deal with what would inevitably follow a decision like that.  So if something does upset you or strike you as odd, some in a speak to us about the reasons behind it – I can assure you, it is not designed to cause upset!


Many of the ideas suggested in the past have been taken up and put into place (Parent Pay, alternative clubs, increased access to school and your child's work) whilst some haven't (relaxing uniform) and some just can't (although we would all like to address the dog-fouling issue).


I hope that you recognise that we are an open school and are willing to enter into discussions about moving forward, and by doing so together, it brings out the best in both of us.


July 2016 Survey


Many thanks for the returns and apologies for the delay in posting the results.


The results show overwhelmingly that school is a safe, positive and happy place for children to learn and grow, but also some areas of concern.


At the end of the term, I tried to address these concerns directly to each class, and hope that in doing so, you have seen some changes or positive action.  As with many aspect, there are some things we can do, some things we can't and some things we can only do together,


I am always happy to have sensible and reasoned discussions with anyone associated with the school community in order to provide a better education for our children


As a school we are not perfect, and as an individual, I am far from perfect - but we try our very best to give our very best.


Thanks as always,


Mr Cocking



Many thanks to all of you that completed the survey.  It's always good to know we are doing a job that you feel is valuable.


As mentioned on the letters I have recently sent out, below are the overall results of the surveys sent out on Nov.  The Y2 and Y3 surveys are 'incomplete' and will be updated within the next week (hopefully).


For me, the key aspect is communication and my door is always open (as many of you have experienced) and will remain so!





Mr Cocking

The deadline day for return of the surveys has been extended to beyond the holiday.  'Why?' I hear you cry!  Well, I want as much feedback as possible regarding the school.


On this page I intend to post the overall results of the survey, selected comments as well as a 'You Said; We Did' type response so that the ideas brought forward do not get lost or appear not to have been acted upon. 


We value all comments, and have taken many of these on-board from the previous questionnaire, but have failed to properly communicate the changes that have been made - which is my fault and I want to make sure that comments, criticisms and suggestions are dealt with.


Please return any questionnaires which are languishing in the bottom of book-bags or down the side of the sofa, and for those of you who have 'misplaced' it - please find the survey link on this page.


This is your school and your voice counts.




Mr Cocking

Parent survey documents for printing (if yours has gone missing!)