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The School Day

The School Day


8.40am      School Gates Open - classrooms are open

8.55am      Start of the school day - registration

9.00am      Classroom doors close

9.30am      Registers close

10.10am     Collective Worship (Thursday varies)

10.30am     Break

12.00pm     Lunch

1.00pm      Afternoon Session

1.30pm      Registers close

2.30pm      KS1 Afternoon break

3.15pm      End of school day


It is important that your child arrives on time for the start of the day.


If you arrive between 9am and 9.30am, a mark of 'L' will be recorded.  This means that they are late, but counted as being here.


If you arrive after 9.30am, a mark of 'U' will be given.  This means that they have an unauthorised absence and this counts against attendance figures.


Please ensure that if your child is late, that you (or the responsible adult) comes into the Office and signs a 'Late Slip'.  This helps us to know the reasons for the lateness and also that they are safe.


This amounts to a full school week of between 31 hours and 40 minutes from 8.55 - 3.15, and 32 hours and 55 minutes for those that chose to come for an 8.40am start.


Further details of this can be found on the letters page (Late Letter).

The document below is a copy of the whole school timetable. 


Typically sessions 1 and 2 are Maths and English, with other subjects being taught in the afternoon.  However, as we have moved towards a more integrated view of subjects, often lessons will have multiple themes, but with clear subject specific objectives.


An example of this would be a lesson with an objective of learning the function of paragraphs and using a text based on World War II.  This gives an English objective taught through an historical text.