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2018 - 2019

Councillors for the Year


Rec: Erin and Vinny

Y1:   Kelis and Alfie

Y2:  Maddison and Ayaan 

Y3:  Keiran and Ruby

Y4:  Luke and Emily

Y5:  Martha and Shay

Y6: Caitlin and Byron


It is great that we had so many children wanting to become councillors, including a couple of our new children.  I like how they immediately want to get involved in school and are doing so with the support of their fellow class-mates.


We know that the Infant playground needs bit of TLC, so together with the PTA and PE funding, we hope to get something going soon.

New Councillor


Sadly, one of our Councillors is no longer with us, but this has allowed Y1 to exercise their right to democracy and have elected a new Councillor.  


We would all like to welcome Kelis to the Council, and know that she will do a great job.

Competition Time!


Everyone needs friends, everyone needs to be loved and cared for, but we don’t always go about it in the right way.


To help remind us of what friends are, The School Council are picking up on the competition that was mentioned in the Camm's Newspaper at the end of last year.


They are asking everyone to design a poster with the theme of ‘Friends Are…’The posters can be A4 or A3, landscape or portrait, colour or black and white – ANYTHING as long as they celebrate what ‘friends are’ and how we can go about being better friends to each other.


There will be a winner from each class and that will be voted for by the School Council (not judging their own though), Eva and Emelia (who were part of the newspaper last year), Mrs Morris and another staff member (yet to be decided).

The winning posters will be turned into signs, similar to the ones up already in school, and be there for many years to come.


Closing date is TUESDAY 6th NOVEMBER, so this gives ½ term to get designing.


Grown-ups, please help with spellings and grammar, but all work should be done by the children please!



The winners of each year group will be posted here when the photo's have been taken.

Aldi Opening


The new Aldi Superstore in Eckington was opened on Thursday 29th November by the School Council.  We were joined by Marcus Ellis (GB Badminton and Olympic Bronze Medallist), who was thrilled to be on the photo's with the REAL stars of the show!


Despite the early morning, the children all had big smiles and did the school proud.


Many thanks to Luci Cockayne (Ex Camm's pupil) for think of us and also the Mums, Dads and Grans who stayed with the children to make it all possible.


Now, where did Kevin go....


Newspaper - It's the Christmas Edition, which means it's a touch late, but still contains loads of good stuff.