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Remembrance Respects


Each year, the School Council pay their respects to the fallen service personnel, and we do so on the

11th day of the 11th month at 11 'o'clock.


This year, we did so in a different way, with each bubble making the journey to the memorial separately.


Our Y5 and Y6 Councillors observed the silence impeccably in the presence of ex-service men and women, and conducted themselves with respect and dignity.  The other year groups, who went down earlier in the day, also showed the proper respect when looking at the memorial.


In these days of uncertainty, to know I can count on the children of Camm's, fills me with great pride.


Well done to them all and thank you to the parents of these children, for instilling in them the values we uphold in school.

The School Council - just don't look too closely...

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The rest of us will bein the staffroom with our fingers crossed!


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