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Remote Learning

In the event of a lockdown, home learning will go here.  It will be labelled up in dated weeks i.e. w/c 21-9-2020.

Summer - Term 6

This first few days of a new term is always 'Topic Engagement': lessons are designed to engage and excite the children in their new topic.  There may be English, Maths and other skills used, but not necessarily in isolated lessons.  This week, lessons will be more cross-curricular.

Vikings Knowledge Organiser

Welcome to Term 4 (half way through the school year)

LIVE English lesson at 11am on Tuesday.  Meet me on Teams, Year 4 Whole Class.

Teams meeting at 12pm on Thursday to share your pirate topic work - an end of term celebration.

Teams meetings on Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th from 11:30 - 12:00.  Log into Microsoft Teams with your child's Microsoft email address, click Year 4 Whole Class, Join meeting.
There is no need to print all of the sheets off, just write on paper or type over the document.  Please upload learning into a folder for each day in your child's Private Folder on Teams (with the padlock), either A-L or M-Z.

W/c 4-1-21

The week leading up to Christmas is less structured than usual, with a Christmassy theme in the majority of lessons, plus a few treats.  Merry Christmas!