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Tuesday 2nd

Teams meeting on Microsoft Teams at 11:45am on the Year 4 Whole Class channel.

Maths - Tenths

Watch the video, then complete the sheet.

English - To plan and write the first part of an opening scene.  Follow the video, pausing when asked.

Computing - Animation

Hello there once again!

Welcome back to this terms Computing lessons. Between now and Easter, we're going to be looking at animation.

There's two videos to watch today. The first is a YouTube clip of Steamboat Willie. Released in 1928, it was one of the first times that Mickey and Minnie Mouse appeared. Then, there's my video with an activity for you to have a go at on Purple Mash.

If you get chance at some point, see if you can also watch an episode of Wallace and Gromit. We'll be talking about them in a future lesson.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie

This is a video of the first Mickey cartoon ever!