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Monday 1st

Viking Longboat Activity (STEM)

How to make a Viking Longboat.mp4

Still image for this video

This is an all day activity.


You will need:


Viking longboat template on card (paper if you don't have card)

Paper or thin card for your sail




Felt tips / colouring pens

Wooden dowel (or use any thin pieces of wood e.g. tooth picks or rolled up pieces of card / paper)

Split pins (or use glue)

Lesson 1


Use the pictures you have seen (search online) and the Viking template to draw your own design of a Viking longboat in your art books or on A4 paper. Think about the colours that you think will make it look realistic.


Lesson 2


Write your name on your Viking card / paper template. Then use your design from lesson 1 to colour your  Viking template.

Use a pencil and ruler to draw a square or rectangle shape for your flag.

Colour your Viking flag.




Score your template along the dotted lines, using a ruler and scissors. Make sure you have something underneath your template so that you do not scratch the table!


Carefully cut out your template pieces and fold along the scored lines.


Follow the video step by step to assemble your Viking longboat.


Display your Viking longboat somewhere safe. If you use some blue paper underneath it will look like your longboat is at sea.


Please upload any photos through Teams.