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In maths this week, we are recapping subtraction. We will be starting this week with some practical subtraction using concrete objects. If subtracting at home, you can use any objects you have (e.g. sweets, chocolates, buttons, toys etc.) Later in the week, we will be moving onto subtracting using pictorial representations and finishing the week with some problem-solving and reasoning with subtraction. Please feel free to watch the videos first so you know the methods and how to support your child with these.

Year 1: Maths- Subtraction

Practical subtraction using Numicon.

Year 1 Subtraction - Stage 1 - Primary School Maths Operations - Parent & Teacher support

Year 1 Subtraction - This subtraction method uses physical objects to take away - Primary School Maths Operations - Addition Stage 1 - Parent, Teacher and Ch...

A video explaining how we subtract using pictorial representations.