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Remote Learning - School Closure - 22.11.21


With school being closed today due to having no hot water or heating, please find attached the following work for today.


*Maths - 3D shape hunt in your house or garden. Challenge yourself to building something out of building blocks or Lego using different 3D shapes.


*English - Watch the video on Lapland and write down ideas for sub-headings we could use in our non-fiction persuasive leaflet (e.g. Amazing Animals!) Write down some information we could use in these sub-heading sections (e.g. reindeers, husky dogs etc.) We will be using this to discuss further in class this week.


*Reading - Take this opportunity to read your school reading book and discuss vocabulary in the book.


*SPAG - following on from last week's homework, draw or write down any nouns, verbs and adjectives that you can see from the Lapland video or your house and garden.


*Computing - Use the safe search engine Swiggle ( - Child Friendly Search Engine for Kids) to look for a photograph of Lapland to use in your non-fiction persuasive leaflet. You could challenge yourself and look for a photograph of where Lapland is on a world map. 


Any work that you do today, please email me your work at or alternatively, print it off and bring it to school once school is back open! I have set some extra activities on Purple Mash too!


Mrs Womble


Lapland – The home of Christmas _ TUI.mp4

Still image for this video