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Running Club


Those of you who know me, know that I have a love of running (knees permitting) and as such, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to lead a group of children on a Friday into the woods for running.


This year we have a host of parents joining us (anywhere up to 8 this year) together with Mr Blake and Mr Hill who bring with them additional safeguarding protection, as well as setting a fab example to the children.


Friday and afterschool 3.15-4.15pm. (depending on how fast we go!)


We run through the Eckington Woods until we reach the concrete bridge and then turn around again!  This works out at about 3 miles when all done.


After Easter, I will be taking a small group over he bridge and over the other side of the valley to increase the distance and challenge.




  • Trainers - not expensive, just comfy, with some padding and the permission to get them muddy.
  • Shorts or Tracksuit bottoms
  • T-shirt, fleece or tracksuit top.
  • Water bottle


It is not advisable to run in school uniform or a coat!

Children can come to school in their running kit, or they can change over lunchtime.



I hope this is useful.


Mr C.


The running club takes place from every Friday - rain or shine - from 3.15-4.15. The children from Y5 & Y6 are given the opportunity to develop their stamina by running through the Moss Valley.  When the light is too poor to safely run in the woods, we will either use the school fields, or continue to offer 'fitness' classes in the hall.


The club is organised by Mr Cocking, Mr Windsor and Mrs Treweek who are all enthusiastic about the health benefits to the children (as well as happy to lose a bit of holiday-weight too).  Also, running helps build character, resilience and self-belief as the distance we run is challenging and requires effort and determination. Quitting is not an option!  We often remind the children that it is 'running' club, not 'leisurely-stroll-and-a-chat-with-mates' club!  Which usually leads to extra effort.


I hope that you support both your children and the staff at running club by ensuring the children are appropriately kitted on on Fridays and not let them use the 'it's a bit cold' excuse.  Many of my own favourite runs have been done in the rain, snow and sleet!


I hope to include regular updates as to times, distances and other running-related facts over the year.


Mr C



Well done to all of the children who were able to take part in the cross-country at Eckington School.


The timing wasn't great, with it being Parent's Evening (we'll look into that for next year), but the school was well-represented.


A special congrats to our Y4's who came a wonderful 3rd!  Perhaps we need to look into extending the Running Club down to Y4?


Big thanks to Mrs P as well, who skilfully manoeuvred her Parent's Evening appointments around to allow her to go and ensure the safety of the children.  Legend!

Still Running


Even though the darker evenings are drawing in, we are still running and keeping going.  The Autumn II programme will be a mix of on-field and in-hall sessions - so please ensure that kit is in school on Friday's as per usual.




Mr C