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Why is Florence Nightingale a significant figure in History?

Week 6

A fantastic last week of term with the children working together to read senses poems. We also managed to do our last ball skills PE lesson outside in the sun, working together to track and catch a ball using bounce pass, kicking, rolling and throwing. We created our own bands in music to create our own composition for our song 'In the Groove!' We finished the work by being inventors, problem-solving to create our own paper cup telephones inspired by Alexander Graham Bell! A great half-term with lots of exciting learning!

Week 5

What a fantastic week in Year 1! We have embraced Children's mental health week by discussing our thoughts and feelings openly and discussing lots of strategies to help us to support us when we are feeling certain emotions. We learned that the average adult can have up to 60,000 thoughts a day so we adding our thoughts as often as possible over the week and put these thoughts onto our brain model so we could see how hard your brain has to work. We made our own memory orbs which will be added to our Zones of Regulation board. We also did some yoga and meditation to help us relax in PE. We also learned in Computing how to stay safe online and completed different activities based on how to stay safe, dangers to look for online and who we can trust when we feel unsafe online. In PSHE, we looked at some photographs from the past and discussed ways in which we have grown and changed including our pets photos! A fantastic week with lots of great learning and discussions taking place!

Week 4

A busy fourth week of Term 3! We have been continuing to work on our modelled diary based on Florence Nightingale. We have been adding in Maths! In Science, we have been using our sense of smell to predict different smells and our sense of touch to describe different objects. In SPAG we have been using adjectives to describe nouns and using the suffix 'ing' to change root words. We have started to create our memory plagues for our memory tree. We finished the week, playing a game based on animal loss and habitats. 

Week 3

Another busy week in Year 1! In Science, we have been using our sense of sight to help a blindfolded member of our group by directing them around different obstacles. We also used our sense of taste to taste different fruits. We had a visit from nurse Lydia, Mrs Treweek's daughter who told us all about nursing now compared to Victorian nursing. In PSHE, we learned about dental hygiene and which parts of our mouth we won't brushing properly using dental disclosing tablets, which was great fun and interesting! We cut, peeled and chopped our own fruit for our designed fruit salads in D & T. We had great fun on the apparatus in our final Gymnastics session, balancing, travelling, jumping and rolling!

Week 2

We started week 2 learning about the past tense 'ed' ready for our modelled diary writing on Florence Nightingale. We continued to learn about teen numbers in our Maths learning. In R.E, we learned the story 'Matthew the Tax Collector' and how Jesus forgave him. We acted out this story in small groups. In Gymnastics, we continued with our balancing work and started to learn two different types of rolls, the straight roll and the barrel roll. In Fresh-Air Friday, we continued our PSHE work on how we look after our body, on the inside and the outside including our mental health. We made a body shape with natural materials and sorted out pictures into whether they helped our body on the inside or the outside. Some of the pictures were things that are harmful to our body and luckily, the children identified what these were! Another fab week of learning! 

Week 1

A great first week back at school in Year 1! We started our topic engagement on Florence Nightingale with some drama, re-enacting her visit to the hospital in Scutari in Turkey and how her team of nurses helped the soldiers and cleaned the hospital. We have also been learning about diaries, what they are, how to write them and some of the features that diaries need (i.e. dates, opening and closing greetings and events.) In Maths, we have been doing some place value work on teen numbers. In Science, we have started our learning on the body by using our bodies to create letters and shapes. We also used our bodies to help us to show different emotions. A fun-filled week!