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What significant event did Neil Armstrong take part in?

Week 6


A busy last week of term in Year 1! We learned how to make arrays to show different multiplications in Maths. We enjoyed our last tennis lesson with tennis Paul, putting into practise all our skills to play a simple game of tennis with an opponent. We used different materials and construction items to complete a team building challenge in Science. We showcased what we now know about Neil Armstrong and the significant event that he was part of in our History themed topic. We finished our week with a space themed day, which was great fun including trying some space food! The freeze dried skittles were the best!

Week 5

A hard week in Year 1 with some independent writing and a Maths assessment! The children have produced some incredible writing this week and I have found it hard to only showcase 6 pieces. The ones showcased on here belong to George, Fred, Freya, Elliot, Alayna and Rainie. We have also been learning multiplication as repeated addition in Maths. In Science, we conducted an investigation into whether different materials are waterproof or not. We used Scratch Jr in our Computing this week, learning how to program and create blocks of directions. We learned about fire safety in our Forest Schools session. We played tennis outside with tennis Paul for the first time and created our own worry boxes for our focus on Mental Health and anxiety! Another busy but fun-filled week!

Week 4

Another busy week for Year 1! We started the week by learning about grouping in Maths as an alternative method to sharing. We continued to write the ending part of our adventure stories based on the book 'The Way Back Home! We blasted our rockets into space with Graham, with one even landing in the tree! We had a D & T afternoon, creating different stable structures using different construction materials either working independently or with a partner. We tested these stable structures using two different balls to represent Earthquakes! Most of the constructions were made very stable and survived the Earthquakes! We finished the week by placing our created habitats outside on the field in our PSHE learning on community and shared responsibility. 

Week 3

A fantastic week in Year 1 with lots of learning and fun for the King's Coronation. We moved onto dividing in Maths this week, learning how to share using concrete objects and the written method. In English, we continued our sci-fi story writing based on the story 'The Way Back Home!' In Science, we explored different materials and used different words to describe there properties. We started to use more detailed sequences of moves when programming our Beebot robots using a large 100 square outside to help us. We finished our week making crowns and flags for the King's Coronation and had a fantastic time when the grown-ups came to visit our classroom!

Week 2

Another busy week in Year 1! In Maths, we started to learn about quarters of objects, shapes and quantities. We started our story writing based on the sci-fi book 'The Way Back Home.' We learned about directional language and programming using ourselves as a life-size Beebot robots. We created plastic bottle rockets ready for our launch session with Graham. We continued our tennis sessions with Tennis Paul and have learned lots of new skills! 

Week 1

A fantastic start to the new term for Year 1. We started to learn about fractions in our Maths learning and realised that finding half of objects isn't always easy, especially when the objects are different sizes! We started our Forest School unit with Graham, learning how to orienteer to complete a team challenge. We went to the National Space Centre in Leicester and had an amazing time! We had lots of fun and learned a lot as well! We did some recount writing about our trip, some of which will be displayed in the window shortly! We started our PE unit on tennis, learning some basic skills including how to move in tennis and how to hold the racket. We also helped our planet by litter picking around the school grounds. A busy first week back!