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Pinocchio - I've got no strings

This is my favorite part of the movie!!!!Lyrics:I've got no stringsTo hold me downTo make me fret, or make me frownI had stringsBut now I'm freeThere are no ...

In Dance, we are creating a puppet string dance, creating jerky movements to imitate a puppet on a string. Watch the short clip of Pinocchio and record yourself doing a jerky puppet dance.

10 PLAY Series Fundamental Movement Skill of Ball Rolling

Ball rolling can be found in many leisure activities as well as sports like bowling. The under hand roll is a great lead up skill to the underhand throw, whi...

Practise your ball rolling skills and catching or stopping the ball on rebound.

Fresh Air Friday - Our focus in Fresh Air Friday this week is outdoor yoga and relaxation. I have attached a poster with some basic yoga poses on it. For relaxation, simply lay on your back facing the clouds and listen to the birds and do some cloud watching!