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Sun Safety

Having spoken to some of you over the course of the day, I need to clarify the school's position regarding sun cream.


Generally, during the course of a normal school day, reapplication is not necessary due to the shade we have, and the fact that they are not outside for sustained periods (PE sessions have scheduled breaks).  But for those days when it is a little hotter than normal, we fully endorse the use of sun cream in school and are happy for it to be provided so as to allow a re-application if required.


However, there are are certain limiting factors:


We cannot provide sun cream.  This is due to concerns regarding allergies and reactions to perfumes/chemicals that different brands have.


We cannot allow sharing of sun cream.  Again this is an allergies issue as above.  For siblings see below


We cannot apply the sun cream to the children.  This is a safeguarding / personal care issue.  




In order to ensure protection please ensure that:


You child has a sun hat - wide-brimmed or 'legionnaire' ones are best.


Any sun cream sent into school has your child's name written, and class, on in permanent ink or with a label.  If you have more than one child, ideally they would be better with one each, but please write all of the children's names on one bottle.


I hope this clarifies the situation a little more.  A letter regarding our recent signing up to 'Sun Safe Schools' will also be sent out on Monday with further details.