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Poetry Competition

Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 are running a poetry competition during topic fortnight. Please read on to find out how to enter.


1. Compose your own circus-themed poem or find a published poem on this theme that you would like to share.

2. Practise the poem at home so that you are ready to perform it.


Going Further: If your poem is short, try learning it off by heart!


It would be great if entries included a wide variety of poetry forms.


Entries must be given to Mr Blake by Friday 3rd July smiley


Some entries will be published on our school website with prizes awarded for winning entries.


Here is a poem written by Mr Blake to get the circus ball rolling.


Clever clowns juggling.

In the big top, people excitedly gather.

Ready to perform, the acrobat steps up.

Can you believe your eyes?

Up high, the trapeze flies through the air.

Standing ovation for all who performed.


Mr Blake