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Why is Florence Nightingale a significant figure in History?

Week 6

A busy last week of term in Year 1! We have been learning about missing numbers and subtraction in Maths. We have been writing our own senses poems in English. In PE, we have been using all our ball skills to play a game called 'Gateway' and we created our own games to support our learning on fitness. In Science, we did some science experiments based on our sense of smell and hearing. Another busy week!

Week 5

This week in Year 1, we have been focusing on our mental health as part of Children's Mental Health Week (see photos on Gallery.) We have also been learning about Safer Internet Day, paying particular attention to staying safe whilst playing games online. We have been focusing on doubling in maths and adding. We used these maths skills to answer different questions for a maths investigation. We focused on our dribbling skills in PE and took part in a mindfulness afternoon. Another busy week in Year 1.

Week 4

This week in Year 1, we have been writing our own independent diary entry based on Florence Nightingale and how she cleaned the hospital. Some of the children's writing will be displayed in our classroom and on our WOW WALL in the classroom. Please look when you visit the classroom for parents' evening. In Maths, we have been adding using number bonds to 20 and doubling using mental maths to support. In D & T, we used safety knives to chop and cut up fruit for our fruit salads and used our sense of taste to taste our fruit salads. In PE, we have been learning how to catch and complete different circuits of exercises to stay fit and healthy. We finished our week with some parent challenges, playing games, completing jigsaws and building using the construction toys! A fantastic week in terms of learning!

Week 3

A busy week for Year 1! We continued to write our modelled diary entry in English. In Maths, we finished our place value and numbers to 20 unit of learning with some practical ordering of numbers and finding more and less. In Science, we learned about the importance of our sense of sight. In PE, we were throwing a beanbag using an underarm throw. We had a visit from Lydia Treweek who told us all about nursing now, comparing to Florence's time as a nurse. We looked at areas of our mouth we are not brushing enough during our dental hygiene unit and finished off the week with Fresh-Air Friday, focusing on well-being and a teeth art challenge!

Week 2

In Maths this week, we have continued to learn about teen numbers including more and less and using a number line to count forward and backwards within 20. We have started our modelled diary writing in English based on the adventures of Florence Nightingale. In history, we have continued to learn about the conditions of the hospital before and after Florence Nightingale. In Computing, we have been using Microsoft Word to type a sentence. In D & T, we have been designing our fruit salad. In PSHE, we have been discussing how physical exercise makes us feel and using equipment and natural to do lots of physical exercise in the fresh air. We have also been learning how to roll a ball at a target area! My Friday dinner date was with Mio and Lexi-Mae! Another busy week!

Week 1

The start of a new term in Year 1 has been a busy one! In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of numbers upto 20 using lots of practical maths objects to help us understand tens and ones. In English, we have been learning about features of diaries and why Florence Nightingale left a diary. We also did some drama, re-enacting Florence Nightingale's journey to Scutari and her experiences with the soldiers and the hospital. In Science, we have been learning about our body parts and what we use them for. In PE, we have been learning to bounce and dribble a ball and how to use our bodies in different agility tests! In Fresh-Air Friday, we have been learning about unhealthy and healthy fruits and played a game using the parachute! Mrs Womble also had her first lunch date with 2 chosen children, which will be a regular treat on a Friday lunchtime for children doing the right thing in the lunch line and in the hall at lunchtime! A hectic first week back but great fun!