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What can Paddington Bear teach us about our capital city London?

Week 8

Final week of Autumn term 1 was very busy with number bond work in Maths, playing to different pulses in music with different musical instruments and pirate games in PE. We also learned about the famous artist, Paul Klee and created our own versions of some of his pieces of art using paint, wax crayons and oil pastels. In RE we acted out a Christian and a Muslim baptism. We created season trees in Science. We attended the harvest festival at church and finished the week with an open afternoon based on London and Paddington Bear. A great end to a busy, tiring but fun half-term!

Week 7

An eventful end to another busy week in Year 1. In Maths this week we have been learning how to use the part/whole model to help us to add. We have been writing a harvest colour poem together and our own verse for 'Cauliflowers Fluffy'. In Music, we have been learning to play the high and low note 'C' as part of our hip-hop unit using glockenspiels. In PE, we have been learning how to travel sideways and jump from foot to foot. We have also been learning how to throw underarm and overhead in our sending and receiving PE lessons. We have been learning about different religions weddings in RE. We have created a map of London in Geography focusing on physical landmarks and human landmarks. Our new writing display is up on the school corridor and in the classrooms for you to see when you visit school. We finished the week creating some mood puppets in PSHE.

Week 6

A fantastic week in Year 1! We were learning about when to use capital letters to help us with our big writes (writing to follow later on.) In Maths, we have been learning how to use a number line to 10. In Music, we have been learning about 'melody'. In PE, we were superheroes travelling in different ways and playing different games against the villains. We had a visit from the police to talk about Halloween and Bonfire Night safety with the children. We finished our week with a mindfulness day as part of mental health week. We had a fabulous day relaxing, creating mindfulness jars, learning different strategies to help us to cope with our emotions. We finished with some yoga and meditation.

Week 5

Another busy week in Year 1! We finished our modelled writing based on the book 'The Queen's Hat.' We were comparing objects and numbers using symbols (< > =) and vocabulary (fewer, more, same, greater than, less than, equal to) in Maths. In Science, we were comparing seasons. In music we were learning about pitch and pulse. In Art, we were learning how to use art materials to create different rubbings and watercolour paints to create different lines and dots. In PE, we were learning how to catch and throw a ball with control, speed and the correct height. In PSHE, we did some drama based on emotions and finished the week with some outdoor yoga and cloud watching!

Week 4

A busy week in Year 1 with 2 visits outside of the school building. On Monday morning, Year 1 went to the sports event at Graves Sports and Leisure Centre and took part in different sporting activities and games with other schools. They were brilliantly behaved and joined in well with all the activities planned. On Thursday, we visited Eckington Church and looked  for symbols of belonging and had a great time exploring the church. We also did some learning in Maths based on 1 more and 1 less. We continued to write our modelled story, writing the middle part of the story with the problem. We continued to learn about emotions and feelings in PSHE and did some acting and team games based on emotions and teamwork! In Geography, we were learning how to give and receive compass directions and move on a map of London. In PE we learned how to kick and control a ball. Another successful week of learning in Year 1!

Week 3

Another busy week in Year 1. We have started our modelled story based on the book 'The Queen's Hat'. In Maths, we have been counting on from any given number within 10 and recognising that numbers can be written as numbers and words. We have been learning about different lines in Art and using these lines to create artwork. In PE, we have been jumping and leaping in Fundamentals and rolling the ball in sending and receiving. We have been learning how to logon to the laptops in Computing. In PSHE, we have been acting out different emotions focusing on body language and facial expressions. We finished our emotions work by creating different emotion faces using natural materials during Fresh-Air Friday.

Week 2

This week in Year 1, we have been doing some baseline writing based on a postcard from Paddington Bear to Aunt Lucy. In Maths, we have been counting and sorting objects out. In PE, we were learning have to jump from a short distance to a long distance and how to jump safely from a height! In Music, we have been learning how to keep a beat using the song 'London's Bridge is Falling Down'. We have been using atlases to locate London in Geography. In Fresh-Air Friday, we took part in some team challenges and some outdoor yoga. Another fantastic week of learning!



Week 1

A busy first three days in Year 1. We have been writing labels for Paddington Bear telling Mr and Mrs Brown how to look after him. We have been matching objects to different number cards in Maths. In reading, we have been colouring our own finger puppets to use next week in our own story and doing lots of independent reading too! We have been learning our weather in science and chalking our favourite weather outside on the playground. In PE, we have been learning how to roll and kick a ball to a partner. In our first Fresh-Air Friday, we have been learning the rules and expectations for our outside learning and exploring the school grounds. We finished with some outdoor yoga and meditation. A fantastic few days!