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Week 5 - 1st - 5th Feb 2021

This week we are going to continue our 'materials' topic. This will begin by recapping the Gingerbread man story and the events. Children will be retelling the story to the class, using visual prompts to assist them. We will then sort a range of objects according to the material they are made from. Can your child find items around your home made from plastic/ wood/ metal or with your assistance: glass?

For phonics we are going to recap the letter sounds s/a/t/i/p/n . But, the main focus for phonics will be rhyming words. (see resources below).

For mathematics we are going to practice counting out quantities to match to a number. You can do this easily at home by writing a number and they can count out for example: 4 cars to match number 4. This will move on to adding small quantities together e.g. if you have 2 dolls and 2 teddies, how many toys altogether?


Afternoon Nursery

As well as trying out some of the material activities on this page, please take a look at the 'Phonics for Afternoon Nursery Children' section below.  There are some wonderful games to play which will help your child discriminate different environmental sounds that they hear.  Maybe you could also find time to try a 'listening walk' either indoors or outdoors.  'Phonics with Felix' is great for setting up the use of a sound box.  Perhaps you would like to make a sound box of your own and send in a video showing that you can tell what the different sounds are that you hear, just like Felix.

Cinderella - A Short Story

This is one of our stories for this week. We will discuss the material 'glass' linked to Cinderella's slipper.

Recapping s/a/t/i/p/n sounds

practice the letter sounds through songs

Phonics for Afternoon Nursery children

Softest Ever Unicorn/Dinosaur Dough

Make super soft play dough with just two ingredients! It's the easiest method ever for sensory and imaginative play. You could make unicorn or dinosaur dough. Choose your colours and away you go. It smells really nice too.

Click on the video link below to see how much fun we had making unicorn and dinosaur dough.  Maybe you could have a got at home and send in your videos and photos.

Why don't you try making some cornflour slime and tip it into a tray? See what words you can think of to describe how it feels and ask your grown-up to help you make a list. You can send the list to us (Mrs Barton or Miss Hall) so that we can see how you think it feels.

Look carefully at the picture and see if you can find hard and soft objects. Have a look at the poster too for extra ideas.

The story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ read by Miss Hall

Goldilocks loved sleeping in Baby Bear's bed but what made it so comfy? Try out this experiment and see if you can find what materials you need to make a bed feel really comfortable. Remember to use lots of words to describe the different beds that you make.

How many Baby Bear pictures can you see? How many bowls of porridge? Look carefully

Try these 'number 3' activities at home

It would be great if you could make some number cards like these. Try 1-5 first then when you are really good at matching you could make 6-10. You could draw your own pictures. Cut them out and then you can have lots of fun matching them together by counting carefully.