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Week 3 - 18th-22nd Jan 2021

Nursery planning (for both am and pm Nursery)

This week we are going to begin our topic about materials. The topic will start with the 'Three Little Pigs' story and leading on from the story we will discuss the materials the pig's used to build their homes. This will progress to discussing materials we have in the classroom such as wood, metal, plastic and glass (windows). We will sort out a range of objects into categories, like the type of material or the texture (hard/ soft/ smooth/ rough).

Please begin by reading the 'Three Little Pigs'.

Thank you blush

The Three Little Pigs

Pigs might fly

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Read by Mrs Barton

Number rhymes

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By Miss Furniss
This week alongside the letters and sounds phase 1 work we are introducing the sound 'p'. There is a video below to introduce the song and action. After this, spend time talking about what the letter 'p' looks like and find objects around your home beginning with 'p'. There is a workbook below if you wish to print (optional).

Jolly Phonics Song - p

Jolly Song:Puff out the candles on the pink, pig cake,/p/, /p/, /p/; /p/, /p/, /p/. Puff out the candles on the pink, pig cake, Puff! Puff! Puff!

Jolly Phonics /p/ - Sound, Song, Vocabulary and Blending

A comprehensive look at the /p/ sound.

'p' activities. You could do the eye spy game below without printing.

The first look at 'one more' than a number

One more

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The Paper Dolls

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This book links to our materials topic!

How to Make an Origami Chain of People

Listen to the Paper Dolls story in the above video first.

Pictures of different materials - a good starting point to discuss different textures and what things are made of. (click on 'slideshow' then 'from beginning')

Investigating textures (please find actual items rather than printing out)

Can you build a house of bricks like this? At Nursery we used pretend bricks and wooden blocks. What would you use? Please send us your pictures.

Let's play 'I-spy 3 Little Pigs'

Let’s build!

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Watch the video and then see if you can find some things to build with. It’s exciting to use things different to toy bricks and wooden blocks. Be careful - they need to balance so that they don’t fall over.

Now let’s build with something different.

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A super game to play together - make sure you take it in turns.

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