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Week 1 - 4th-8th Jan 2021

Our topic this term is 'Winter'. Use the lovely powerpoint below as a starting point to discuss what Winter is like. Then what better way to begin the topic than wrapping up warm, getting outside into the fresh air and exploring signs of Winter [especially if the weather forecast is correct and it snows!!]

Can you see bare branches, migrating birds, ice, frost or snow? What else shows you it's Winter?

When you get home from your walk can you draw some pictures of the signs of Winter?


Jolly Phonics Song - a

Jolly Song: /a, a/! Ants on my arm. /a, a/! Ants on my arm. /a, a/! Ants on my arm. They're causing me alarm.

This is one of the letter sounds we are practicing in morning nursery.

Maria Tortilla's Storytime: Ridiculous by Michael Coleman

Another main text for this week at nursery.


Winnie in Winter by Valerie Thomas
This is our main text for this week in nursery.

If you do not have a printer, some of the ideas below can be drawn or use items from your home (size ordering).