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Photos of our Learning

Art Morning - 07.07.22

On Thursday 7th July, Year 1 had an Arts morning. We practised 2 different art skills including colour mixing to create different shades of yellow and 4 different brushstrokes including 

dabbing, feathering, bold stroke and detail stroke using different size brushes. We then applied these skills to create our own Van Gogh Sunflower's painting which looked amazing!

Eckington Woods Walk - 30.06.22

Year 1 had a great walk in Eckington Woods on Thursday looking at some historical sights of Eckington, as well as, creating a tally of plants, trees and flowers that grow there. We then used this information, to compare what grows in Eckington Woods compared to Renishaw Hall and Gardens. A great walk with fantastically behaved children! 

Victorian Artefacts and Toys - 24.06.22

On Friday, the Year 1 children had a look at some Victorian artefacts and photographs. They also had an opportunity to play with some Victorian toys and games in the afternoon during our Fresh Air Friday session!

Renishaw Hall and Gardens - 22.06.22

The Year 1 children had a fantastic day at Renishaw Hall and Gardens. They went on a flower, tree and plant hunt in the main gardens, did some observational drawing around the gorgeous water fountain and did some map reading to navigator us towards the woodland area. After lunch, the children visited the Sitwell Museum and the Sitwell's pet cemetery!

Fresh Air Friday - 17.06.22

On Friday, we went outside to explore and find different parts of trees, plants and flowers. The children had great fun playing different games based on parts of trees, plants and flowers, as well as, purposes of trees, plants and flowers.

Science Investigation - Fizzing Moons - 10.06.22

This week in Science, we have been doing an experiment called Fizzing Moons. We used baking powder and water to mould the moon then predicted what would happen when we added different amounts of white vinegar. The results were interesting! The children then decided to leave their moons to see what happens to them over the weekend before we add malt vinegar on Monday. I wonder what might happen to the moons when we add malt vinegar? Find out next week!

Grouping Method in Maths - 08.06.22

In Maths, we have been learning the grouping method for division as an alternative method to the sharing method. We started the week using concrete objects before moving onto the written method for grouping!

1980's Jubilee Activities and Party!

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, Year 1 had a trip down the 1980's memory lane! We learned about 5 important events that the Queen had in the 1980's and created a class shape poem, we did some self-portraits of the Queen from Prince Charles and Lady Diana's famous wedding in 1981, we made some peg dolls of the Queen, we painted Great Britain flags and made ourselves a crown! We finished off in true 1980's style with music, dancing and 1980's fashion! Great day for an incredible celebration!

Maths - Dividing - 25.06.22

In Maths, we have been learning how to divide by 2, 4, 5 and 3 using the sharing method. We started using concrete objects then moved onto the written method.

Can you find one quarter of any number to 20? - Maths Investigation - 20.05.22

We have been learning about fractions over the last few weeks and we finished our fraction work with a group investigation into whether any number up to and including 20 can be split equally into one quarter. The children had great fun and problem-solved with fractions and quantities really well!

R.E - The Ten Commandments - 18.05.22

In R.E we have been learning about the good news that Jesus brings for Christians. We have learned about Jesus' 12 Disciples and how they helped Jesus to spread good news. We learned about Jesus' forgiven of Judas and Matthew, the tax collector. We are now looking into the Ten Commandments and we even had a go at writing our own modern-day Commandments!

Maths - Finding Fractions - 13.05.22

In Maths, we have been finding half of a shape, object and quantity. We had great fun working with a partner to find half of a quantity using different maths equipment and hoops!

Maths - Position and Direction - 04.05.22

In Maths, we have been learning about position and direction. This maths learning has also helped us in Geography with our mapping and in Computing with our coding and programming. Lots of useful skills to have and use!

National Space Centre - 28.04.22

A fantastic day at the National Space Centre, Leicester. We experienced what it would feel like to be in space in the Planetarium, climbed 144 steps to reach the top of the rocket tower, explored the solar system and learned about the significant event that Neil Armstrong was part of. Lots of great fun and incredible learning!

British Value Display on Service!

Year 1 Class Assembly - 08.04.22

Year 1 were amazing in their first ever class assembly! Thank you for coming to watch and I hope that you learned lots of things on Florence Nightingale, measuring, the Easter story and the oceans!

Special Visitor - 07.04.22

On Thursday, Mrs Treweek's daughter, Lydia came into school to talk to us about modern day nursing. She told us about what hospitals and hospital care is like now and compared this to what we know about Florence's first experiences of nursing during the Crimean War. She showed us some of her modern day equipment and we even had a little go too!

Science - 06.04.22

In Science, we have been learning about the senses. This week, we learned about the inventor, Alexander Graham Bell and how he invented the first telephone. We then used paper cups and string to make our own string telephones.

P.E - Balancing and Moving - 01.04.22

In P.E, we have been using the large apparatus to move and balance with a partner. We had great fun and helped each other too!

Easter Experience - 31.03.22

On Thursday, Year 1 walked up to the Friendship Hall for the Easter Experience with Liz and David and their volunteers. They did lots of exciting activities based around the Easter story including palm leaves of hope, discussing the last supper, decorating a cross and a stone and working on making new words with resurrection! A great morning had by all!

Maths - Measuring - 30.02.22

In our measuring unit in Maths, we have been measuring length and height using non-standard and standard units of measurement. Great fun and incredible use of Maths equipment too!

Capacity - Maths - 22.03.22

This week in Maths, we have been learning about capacity. We have described and compared capacity and had a go at measuring capacity using non-standard units.

Food Technology and Science - 18.03.22

We had great fun chopping, cutting and preparing our own fruit salads for our senses taste test! We shared the safety knives and peelers and enjoyed making our fruit salads but we enjoyed eating them more!

Maths - Weighing - Week 3

In Maths this week, we have been starting on our measurement unit of work by investigating weighing using balancing scales, non-standard units and lots of different objects. The children have also used different vocabulary to describe and compare weight including heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest and equal to.


Florence Nightingale Senses Poems - Experience Day!

To help us write our own Florence Nightingale senses poems, we had an experience day looking at and smelling some objects that Florence might have experienced in the hospital including soiled bandages, some dry and wet blood (it was only fake blood), mouldy, dry bread, some medicine, some scissors and a candle. Some children preferred it more than others!

Gymnastics - Large Apparatus - 04.03.22

In gymnastics this term, we are doing some gymnastics using the large apparatus. We will be doing lots of balancing, jumping, climbing and rolling! Here our a few photographs from our first session!

World Book Day - 03.03.22

For World Book Day, Year 1 did lots of reading activities including story sacks, scavenger hunts, phonics games, partner reading and 1:1 reading. We have done loads of reading throughout the week for our sponsored read too! We completed a Battle of the Books challenge and ended up with our top 5 books from 30 books which we will be reading next week. A great World Book Day!