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Photos of our Learning

Holy Trinity Day - 15.10.21


As part of our R.E learning, the children had a R.E day learning about the Holy Trinity. Each group of children had a different part to do. One group learned and demonstrated God the Father who created the world, one group learned and demonstrated Jesus was the son of God by creating a nativity scene stable and one group learned and demonstrated that God the Spirit is represented by a dove. The another 2 groups demonstrated the Holy Trinity symbol through a stained glass window and St Patrick's shamrock. They also learned a Holy Trinity song which they performed in assembly. Fantastic work Year 1!

Eckington Church Visit - 06.10.21


As part of our R.E unit on belonging, we visited Eckington Church to look at the symbols of belonging for Christians. We had great fun exploring the church, look for the signs of the cross, the dove, the bible and other symbols too! We also learned about the features inside a church including an altar, an organ, a font and pews. We also visited the headstones in the graveyard to symbolise the Holy Spirit.

Mr Morton the Vet - 06.10.21


Mr Morton the vet visited the children in year 1 to discuss looking after pets and what it's like to be a vet. The children looked at different animal x-rays, learned how to apply a bandage to a dog, what happens in an operation and the basic needs of animals, including looking after the wildlife. The children asked some interesting questions at the end and thoroughly enjoyed Mr Morton's visit!

Fresh Air Friday - 01.10.21


This week in Fresh Air Friday, the children had to complete an Autumn walk, as well as, a team scavenger hunt looking for different nature materials. They needed to work together to find these objects and only bring back the amount asked for. All the teams worked well together and managed to find all the objects asked for but some teams brought back too many of each object. Next week's scavenger challenge is to only bring back the amount asked for! We finished off Fresh Air Friday with some deep breathing relaxation, story time and Rocky's diary.

Harvest Artwork - 27.09.21


This week in art, we have been using some harvest fruit and vegetables to create repeating pattern printed art. The children learned about harvest, as well as, how to create different repeating patterns. They got very messy but loved it!

P.E - Fundamentals and Multi-skills event at Graves Health and Sport Centre - 24.09.21


The Year 1 children attended their first Qualitas sporting event at Graves Health and Sport Centre which was great fun! The children took part in 6 different sporting games and activities including dance, dodgeball, team and partner games and capture and invade games. Lots of skills learnt and loads of energy burnt off too!

Maths - More than, Less than and Equal - 22.09.21


In Maths this week, we have been learning to use the vocabulary more than, less than and equal to compare concrete objects, pictorial representations and numbers. We have also started to learn about the mathematical symbols < > and = to compare.

R.E - Belonging - 16.09.21


In R.E, we have been learning about belonging and what belonging means. We have looked at ways in which we belong to different sports clubs, school and the church and the symbols that tell us that we belong to that group. The Year 1 children brought some interesting photographs and items into school to show how they belong.

Fresh Air Friday - 10.09.21


For our first Fresh Air Friday, Year 1 did 3 outdoor challenges including:


*A sensory walk, touching trees, leaves and other natural objects.

*Cloud Clearing which involved us laying on the grass, looking at the clouds and clearing our minds.

*Relaxation and listening to nature. We heard birds singing, bees buzzing and flies whizzing around!


We finished off with an outdoor story.