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Y2 Curriculum Overview

Updated November 2022

Topic 1: Why do animals need a habitat?

During this topic, we will be finding out why animals need a habitat in order to survive. We will be finding out lots of information about creatures great and small and will be exploring our local habitat to see what we can discover! 

Topic 2: Who is Mary Seacole and why is she remembered today?

Our topic during Term 2 will focus on the life and work of Mary Seacole. Children will find out about the obstacles Mary had to overcome and how her work made such a difference to the lives of others. Children will also think about what they can do to help maintain good health.

Topic 3: How is Singapore different to where we live?

Our geography-led topic during term 3 will focus on comparing Singapore to the area we live. In English, Year 2 will be finding out lots of information about Singapore in order to produce their own non-chronological reports. The children will also find out about the types of habitats we find close to the equator and also learn about a famous artist from Asia, Yayoi Kasama.