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Listen to the music. 


Think about the images the notes make.


Read the pdfs for Sibelius and Vivaldi.


Answer the questions.


Some of these pieces of music you might like, some you won't.


Listen carefully you might find a piece of music which surprises you.

The Seasons Though Music - Vivaldi (Winter)

Antonio Vivaldi - Winter (Full) - The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons. Violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi composed at the beginning of the XVIII century.No copyright infringement intended. The rights of this s...

The Seasons through Music - Sibelius (Spring)

Sibelius : Symphony 5 (Full) - Karajan

Youtube deleted the DGG recording, so, here is the 1977 EMI recording......Karajan's last recording of this fifth.

W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Complete) Slovak Chamber Orchestra

W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Slovak Chamber Orchestra
A Little Summer Music.

What do you imagine when you listen to this ?

Einojuhani Rautavaara, Autumn Gardens (complete) 1999

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy.

This is a modern take on the theme of Autumn.

What do you think is happening here?