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Year 2 Non-negotiables


We take pride in our work across the curriculum. Below is a list of the Y2 non-negotiatiables:


  1. Finger spaces
  2. Form capital letters
  3. Correct number formation 0 – 100
  4. Correct letter size
  5. Correctly formed handwriting (ascenders, descenders)
  6. Correctly spell the days of the week (by the end of Year 2)

Y2 Timetable

Teaching Timetable

MondayMr Blake, Mrs Riley and Miss Wright
TuesdayMr Blake, Mrs Riley and Miss Wright
WednesdayMr Blake, Mrs Riley and Miss Wright
ThursdayMrs Foster (whole class), Mr Blake (group teaching and intervention), Mrs Riley (AM), Miss Wright
FridayMrs Crotty, Mrs Riley and Miss Wright



Homework is a great opportunity to reinforce and extend key learning. Here is a list of homework that will be set in Year 2:


- Daily Reading

Please record whenever you hear your child read in their reading records to help us know when their book can be swappped.

- Monday: Maths Seeds or Reading Eggs

This consists of one online task and one to be completed on paper (print out sent home). Children are asked to complete this by the following Monday.

-Wednesday: Spellings 

Spelling will be sent home on a Wednesday. Children will complete a quiz of set spellings the following Wednesday.


Mrs Crotty will setting some quizzes for the children to on the website. These quizzes will support key grammar learning in Year 2. Please support your child in reading any questions where needed and discuss the answers with them when they have finished. Again, children are given a full week to complete this homework.


If you would like to discuss anything regarding set homework, please don't hesitate to get in touch.