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Children need to look at their reading book everyday. Some children have books without words. These are important as they allow the children to tell a simple story, practise turning the pages and concentrate for a short time. They can also answer simple questions such as what do you think will happen next? What is happening here? Why did he do that? What would you do? Who is that? etc.

Some books have short sentences in eg j is for jam. These are important to practise recognising more letter sounds and also for hearing the first letter in words. There are pictures to talk about and it would also be great if you could find other objects beginning with each sound. You may need to emphasise the first sound eg jjjjjjam.

Once children know lots of letter sounds and can hear the first sound they will begin blending sounds eg a-t at, I-n in, u-p up, p-a-t pat, s-i-t sit.

 They will then begin to read books with words in sentences. They are all words that can be sounded out as well as a few words they just have to learn - the, to, no, go, I, into

It is really important that the children gain lots of understanding of their book so repetition and questioning about the pictures is really important.


The children also bring home purple sound cards or word cards. It is important they are practised at home as well as school. Please practise asking your child to say the sound or read the word. If they are unsure help them sound words out or just practise 2 cards and introduce more once they are getting them correct everytime. 


Helping your child read at home