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White Hall 2022

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Here you will find information about the trip, and also photos from the centre and out and about.


Please do not expect Mr Hill and Miss Blacklock to post the same amount of photos for each child, or to give a full running commentary of the activities!  Their main job is to make sure the children are safe and having fun; the website will come after that.


They also need to make sure that they have enough sleep, fuel and rest to function properly!


However, they will do their best to keep you updated with the events of the day.

White Hall Meeting


Notes from the meeting:


Activities:  White Hall staff have the final say on all activities.  This is in terms of weather, behaviour, suitability, attitude, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  If they say ‘no’, Mr Hill and Miss Blacklock will follow their guidance.


Participation:  No one will be made to do anything.  However, if a child is point-blank refusing to engage in an activity, then the whole activity may need to be halted to ensure that everyone is safe.  Situations like this are rare, as the children (although scared) do understand the idea of fairness and know that they do not want to disrupt the activity for others.  It is a also part of the reason for going:  be scared, step out of that comfort zone and be brave!


Food:  It’s nice and there’s plenty of it!  If the centre staff feel a child has not eaten enough and refueled appropriately, they may not be allowed to participate in activities.


Snacks and sweets:  These are NOT to be used as a replacement for eating well at mealtimes.  Mr Hill and Miss Blacklock will remove (for safekeeping) excessive amounts of food, snacks, sweets etc from cases and return at the end of the trip.  Please help your child to be responsible!  Anyone being sick from too many sweets will have a call home and will need to be collected.


Behaviour: Normal behaviour rules apply.  If you receive a call to say that your child needs to be collected due to behaviour, this will be as a last resort, or because of something very serious.  Please be on hand to collect if this is the case.


Self-care:  Help them to put a duvet cover on.  Help them to pack a case.  Make sure you have the right stuff on the kit list.  The staff will have enough on looking after themselves, so being responsible for the cases, towels, trousers and coats of 24 others is not happening!


Money:  There is a tuck shop / souvenir shop, so £5 is the limit.  Any more will be kept safe and returned at the end.


Testing:  Hopefully the end to restrictions means an end to the need for testing, but we will send them off with a few boxes of tests just in case!  Again, we will be guided by the Whitehall staff in this aspect.


Monday Morning:  Arrive in jogging bottoms/leggings as if ready for PE and arrive at normal time.  This means that when at the centre, they can get straight into things.


Departure:  Please do not wait for the bus to depart.  The extra cars make it difficult for the coach to get close.  Also, enjoy that extra bit of peace and quiet!


Communication:  DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITHTHEIR PHONE!  It will be removed and kept safe.  However, if we discover that a phone has been used in a room, then this is an immediate safeguarding incident and you may be asked to collect your child straightaway.


Emergencies:  If there is one, we will contact you.  If not; we won’t!  It really is a ‘no news is good news’ situation.


Arrival / Departure:  That said, we will Parenthub you when we get there, when we set off and our ETA back at school.  If the arrival is early, please feel free to collect early (siblings can be collected too)