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Maths - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (first part of worksheet)

Geography - first part is an Oceans kahoot. This will really test whether you've done your research! Y5 and Y6 will play it remotely. Make sure your nickname includes your first name and year group please.


EG. Freddie Y5



As an eco-tourist you want to get people to visit your biome and spend money. So for today’s work I want you to produce a poster showing all of the wonderful creatures, plants and other wonders your chosen biome has to offer. Make your posters bold and inviting.


Here are some examples from the Temperate Plains of America and Coral Reefs.

Eco-Tourism (Negative)

English - get your planning out from yesterday and access the video below on our School Video page to help with your writing.

Paper Rockets - STEM Activity