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Good morning Y5 Weds 4th.mp4

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Maths - Improper fraction conversions lesson 2. I have recorded a quick video just to show the method again. You have looked at the conversions using conceptual diagrams - for today's Maths I want you to now focus on the calculation demonstrated here.

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Geography alternative - if you don't have equipment for the above you can research and label the features of a river.

Geography | KS1 | KS2 | Rivers | BBC Teach

This film is a useful tool to show pupils how the river journey changes as it moves from source to mouth.It can be used to describe what happens at each stag...

Poem - Initial Draft of Leave the ........ Alone, Please!

STEM - build a river model - Guidance Document is below the video. Also, there is an extra super-challenge where the children can build a bridge to go over their river. See the extra PP.

NOTE: If you do not have any sand or pebbles, you can substitute these with other materials such as rice, grains, Lego, or blocks. If you use other materials, make sure they are not able to dissolve in water or float on the water surface.