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Tuesday 21st

English 'Friend or Foe'

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RE - God

Discuss the features of God pupils have come up with. They are now going to look at the words of three people who claim to know the God of the Bible personally — David (Psalm 103 — a psalm or prayer/ song), Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1–5 — a prophet tells of a religious experience) and John (I John 4:7–13 — a letter). Divide these up and give a section to groups of pupils. They are looking for words and phrases from the texts to describe what God is like, what God does and what God does not do; and also to identify how the writer knows this. (Resource Sheets 2, 2A and 2B will help.) Note the different kinds of texts here, and see if they can identify the different types, with explanations. (See background information.)