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Tuesday 14th

RE - What does it mean if Christians believe that God is holy and loving?

Choosing a suitable celebrity and asking pupils to describe her or him. Where do they get their information from? How well do they know the person? Are there any surprises about this person? Talk about what it would be like actually to know someone. What difference would it make? What kinds of things are added to your relationship if you talk with them, or go through events or activities with them? If they see you when you are up and when you are down? Make the link with the idea that for Christians, knowing God is a personal journey, a relationship not an intellectual exercise.

Build a god: ask pupils to write down all the words they might use if they were to describe a being who could be ‘God’ — including this god’s power, character, actions. Resource Sheet 1 offers some words to help — some are more helpful than others! Use these to help pupils learn some key technical words, such as omnipotent, and so on.