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Maths - spend a good 15/20 minutes on some mental arithmetic to start with.


1. Daily 10 or Hit the Button to work on your times tables and division facts - pick the ones that need practice.


IF your times table recall is instant (as in you don't have to pause or think to answer any random times table question) choose another area of Maths on Daily 10 or Hit the Button to practice. I would recommend rounding to the nearest 1000, 10,000 and 100,000, square numbers,  halving and doubling.

Maths- Add fractions within 1 activity. No work-sheet required. Have a go at this activity video. You don't need to make fraction strips - just use the diagrams visually.

R.E - The Parable of the Two Builders ~ Animation

Watch the parable on the website.  What do you  think the story is about and why. What did the wise and foolish builders learn? If it is not a manual for builders, why did Jesus tell this story?


The message is :


Jesus is clear that his words give foundations for living — and without them, people will get swept away. This forms the foundation for living.


Now the task


Using 12 sheets of rolled up newspaper and some masking tape to create the tallest

possible Bible stand. If you don’t have newspaper use rolled up paper of any sort and if you don’t have a bible use a heavy-ish book. You may not use any thing else to make your stand.


Post pictures of your bible stand on TEAMs.

An example of a newspaper stand that is strong enough to hold a basketball.

English - Mary Anning

P.E with Qualitas