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ICT with Rev. Andy

Well, today marks our final lesson on spreadsheets. Really well done to you all for all you've achieved. It's not been easy, I know, but you've all done really well.

Today is about finishing off. If you've struggled with things so far, use this time to go back to the videos from previous weeks and have another go. Practice makes perfect after all.

If you've done all that, then it's time for you to design your own spreadsheet. On Purple Mash, head to Mathematics, then 2Calculate. Create a blank spreadsheet. You can then design your own spreadsheet. It'd also be great if you could do a graph of your data too.

Some ideas for your spreadsheet:

  • Measure the length of things around you, put those lengths into a spreadsheet and draw a bar graph of them.
  • Record the results of some spelling tests you may have done over the half term. Use a line graph to see how your spelling has improved.
  • Play your favourite game. Write down how many times you won / lost / drew. Create a pie chart of this.

Make sure you spreadsheet is of something you find interesting!

It's been great spending the half term with you. I hope you enjoy your well-earned break next week.

Rev Andy