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Maths - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (second part of worksheet)

R.E – We are continuing with the Young Leader’s Award.


So for this weeks RE I want you to make a pledge to do something to change the world. I’ve been inspired by Captain Tom and his walk around the garden 100 times to raise money for the NHS so I’d like you to do something similar but make it link to this topic of climate change.


Some ideas I’ve had are to go for a walk instead of playing on my Xbox, trying to increase my recycling, not using so much paper, turning off lights that don’t need to be switched on or something even better.


I’d like you to produce either a short video of you making the pledge or a poster of your pledge.


Try to be really creative with your thinking, get mum and dad involved and lets see if we can make a small change to make a big difference to the world.


Send me your videos and documents by uploading them to TEAMs or by email.


Mr. H.

English - planning your non-chronological report on Oceans.

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P.E with qualitas : Coordination