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Money Knowledge Organiser

In class, we use knowledge orgnaisers for the different topics we focus on. For the rest of this half-term we will be looking at Money so above is the knowledge organiser for Money!


The knowledge organiser shows everything the children will need to know by the end of the unit but can be referred to throughout. It would be good if the children can refer to the mat during lessons either as a word doc or by printing the mat.


If you can try to ensure they are also using the appropriate key vocabulary that would be fab! 




Desert Island Story - Follow along with me!

These are the things to look for and highlight in the text:

If you would like more information about Gandhi, you can read the reading comprehension (one star is the easiest text).  There is no need to answer the questions.
ICT with Rev. Andy

Today, we're going to be carrying on with our work on Spreadsheets.

After a quick recap on bar charts and line graphs, we'll be cracking on with a third type of graph - the Pie Chart. Just the mention of it makes me hungry! We'll also look at putting things in order by using the "Sort" function.