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Maths - Divide 2 Digits by 1 Digit

RE - Young Leaders Award - Our local Community

This week's RE is all about making a difference in the community. So I'd like you to go for a walk and make some notes while you do it. 


Can you spot :


Hubs of the Community - where could people meet before lockdown?

(how are they being used now?)


People - How are people being served in the community?

(are there ways you could help?) 


Practical - Is there anything you notice that is damaged or vandalised and needs changing or anything that needs to be improved?


Broken - Is there anywhere that needs to be fixed?

(Is there any part of the community which is run down)


Fill in the worksheet as you go.



This week we are going to write an explanation of the Greenhouse effect. The task is detailed in the PowerPoint. Watch the video and use the PowerPoint to make notes. For guidance on how to create a spider-diagram see the video from last week.

What is the Greenhouse Effect? - The Environment for Kids (Updated Version)

Educational video for children to learn what the Greenhouse Effect is and how it works. The Earth is surrounded by the atmosphere, a thin gaseous layer which...

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 15th Jan

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Fischy Music Assembly (18 Jan 2021)

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