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Session 1 - Writing the diary entry for Dad's conversation with Lil.


Time Adverbial: Generate list of time adverbials to describe conversation with Dad.


Teacher model: That night at the supper table, I told a lie.


Ask the children to come up with ideas for how Lilian would lie to Dad. What did she do at school that day that he would believe.


Teacher model: I told him the spelling test was easier than the last one. Then he asked me which word was the hardest one on the test. I told him it was reincarnation. It was the first word to come into my head. Dad kept asking questions and I kept answering them. Then I missed a question and he got cross with me. Mum told him to leave me alone.


Explore a range of vocabulary that uses the prefix ‘un’ or ‘im’ to capture the negative feelings and thoughts of Dad.

Prefix ‘un’ Unfair, unjust, unreasonable, unethical, uncertain, unsavoury, unnecessary, unpredictable, uncontrollable, unjustifiable.

Prefix ‘I’m’ Immoral, impossible, impractical.


Teacher model: Mum didn’t like it when she thought Dad was being unfair. She would not tell he

off in front of me but she would do later when I was asleep. Once when he wasn’t happy that I didn’t get full marks she said he was being impossible and that no-one could get full marks every time.


Write the diary entry for the conversation with Dad.

Session 2 - Writing the diary entry about the jar and Grandad's feelings towards it.


With the children ask how Grandad is feeling about the jar – feeling guilty, upset, fearful, full of regret.


On my way to the hospital, I wondered how Grandad really felt about the jar. Was he feeling guilty about taking the jar from Egypt where it belonged?



Watch a variety of dramatic/ negative weather videos: thunder, lightning, rain, winds, tornados, storms, hurricanes.

Explore weather sounds: clash of lightning, boom of thunder, the pitter-patter of rain on the windows etc.


Teacher model: As the rain continued to pitter-patter on the windows Grandad tried to tell me something important but he couldn’t speak loudly. His breathing became slower and his eyes closed as he drifted back to sleep.


Ask the children to write the diary entry for the conversation with Grandad about the jar.

Computing - Session 1 - Introduction to Spreadsheets