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An introduction to Microsoft Teams

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Year 2 Home Learning Timetable

                                    Easter Break

Reading Eggs/Eggspress Assignments for Remote Learners.

There will be one assignment a week. All children should work on Reading Eggs until they are asked by a member of the Year 2 staff to move on to Eggspress. The assignment will be set on a Monday and expire at midnight on Wednesday of the same week. For remote learning the assignment will now be just computer based. 


Mathseeds Assignments for Remote Learners.

There will be one assignment a week which runs from a Thursday and will expire at midnight on the Sunday of the same week.. This assignment will now be just computer based.


When you child has completed their assignment they have a map with lessons on both Reading Eggs/Eggspress and Mathseeds that they can access. On Reading Eggs and Mathseeds children can earn certificates for completing a lesson map. Children on Eggspress earn certificates for time spent on the lesson maps. These certificates will be printed for the children at school.

Phonics Play

We have now gained access to all the games and activities on Phonics Play. Please use phase 5 and  phase 6

Username .camms1702

password 17camms02

Year 2 have a new website to access called The children have already enjoyed some of the activities it has to offer. Please share with your child.