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Relationship Education



The early learning goals in the foundation stage place a great emphasis on children’s personal, social and health development. We encourage self discipline and personal development and children are set tasks to achieve their individuals goals. Children are encouraged to talk confidently and politely  with adults and peers. Opportunities are provided to listen, question and formulate ideas and to gain in self respect and confidence. We aim to create an environment where children feel secure and confident.


This is then continued through KS1 and KS2 where children develop a greater understanding of relationships through circle-time and other activities.  Even though this subject, also known as Citizenship, is no longer on the primary curriculum, we feel that it still has a role in child-development. 


Sex Education


The governors have approved a programme of sex education delivered in school and closely linked to the science curriculum. The programme is delivered to Y5 and Y6 children within a moral, family and Christian framework. Parents are invited to attend an evening meeting to discuss and view the contents of the sessions, and speak to the School Nurse.