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Phase 3

W/C 8/3/21

In school this week we will be focusing on refreshing our Phonics skills and knowlegde rather than moving on to new letters or sounds. This is reflected in our phonics plan for homelearning this week.  

If your child needs a little reminder of how to make these sounds, search You Tube for Mr Thorne does Phonics adding any of this weeks sounds. He does some great short videos where your child can hear and see the sound they are working on.

Monday 8th March.

Revisit double letter sounds, ff, ss, ll, zz. On Phonics Play choose Dragons Den Phase 2, then select any of today's sounds. The zz sound can be found on Phase 3.  Ask your child to sound/spell the following words;

mill, wall, ball, sell - kiss, pass, miss, dress - off, cuff, stuff, huff. 

Tuesday 9th March.

Revisit the ch, sh, th, & wh sounds. Remind your child these phonemes make one sound.

On Phonics Play Phase 3 choose Picnic on Pluto then select any of today's sounds.

Ask your child to spell/sound the following words;

chip, chat, chum - she, ship, sheep - this, thin, that - when, whisper, wheel. 

Wednesday 10th March.

Revisit ng & nk. Remind your child to blend the two letter sounds to make one.

On Phonics Play phase 3 choose Buried Treasure, then select the ng sound. Ask your child to spell/sound the following words;

ink, pink, dunk, bank - ring, wing, song, thing. 


Thursday 11th March.

Revisit ee, ai & igh vowel sounds.

On Phonics Play choose Grab a Giggling Grapheme, then select any of today's sounds.

Ask your child to spell/sound the following words.

meet, feet, queen - rain, snail, pain - high, fight, night.

Friday 12th March.

Today is your chance to look back on any words/sounds your child has found tricky this week. Revisit these sounds on Phonics Play, make a match is a fun way to get your child to sound out words. To practise all learnt sounds choose Speed trial Phase 2 then Phase 3.