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Current Topic: Why did The Great Fire of London spread so quickly?

This history-led topic will focus on events in London in 1666 and will build on the work the children completed last year. We will be exploring how we can find out about historical events. The class will also explore why fighting the fire was so difficult. The children will also extend their knowledge of different materials and their properties in Science by completing a range of investigations.


A great way of learning more about this topic is by having a got at the The Great Fire of London game.

What helps us to stay healthy?

During this topic, we will be learning about what we can do to stay healthy. The children will find out more about the importance of exercise and will investigate how the eat well plate can support a healthy and balanced diet.

Why do animals need a habitat?

During this topic, we will be finding out why animals need a habitat in order to survive. We will be finding out lots of information about creatures great and small and will be exploring our local habitat to see what we can discover!