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For those who are interested in looking over their scripts over the holidays, my initial ideas for the parts in Olivia are below. I am altering the script slightly so there are enough parts for the boys (which is why there is an extra orphan). 

Example from another school

01 orphans.mp3

02 slop.mp3

03 reprise-orphans.mp3

04 happiness somewhere.mp3

05 london.mp3

06 i want to be a lady.mp3

07 good times.mp3

08 lets go to the opera.mp3

09 if theres a star.mp3

10 thats life.mp3

11 the charity rag.mp3

12 who am i.mp3

13 here comes the judge.mp3

14 the criminals song.mp3

15 the convicts child.mp3

16 reprise-the criminials song.mp3

17 reprise-if theres a star.mp3

18 olivia.mp3