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The new Ofsted framework measures the effectiveness of a school under the following headings:


  • Leadership and Management
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
  • Outcomes for Pupils
  • Effectiveness of Early Years Provision


This then leads to a grade for Overall Effectiveness. 


The link to the report is to out latest report, in 2010.  The categories are slightly different, but ultimately have the same aim:  Judging the effectiveness of a school.


As a school, our challenge is to rise to the new standards of expectation in order to maintain our outstanding status.  The new framework has made the challenge of maintaining our current grade harder, but we are all working towards this.


Our ultimate goal is to provide our children with a rounded and well-balanced education which aims to help them attain their full potential - whether this be academic, artistic, sporting, musical or social.  Camm's is a school where we firmly believe that every child can succeed.



Mr Cocking.

Ofsted Report Jan 2019


Please find below our recent Ofsted Inspection report and my covering letter.


As stated in the letter, and the report, we have fantastic children and everything we do, is aimed at making them the best that they can be.


Have a read, and if they is anything you would like to discuss, come on in and make an appointment (biscuits optional).


Mr C.

Ofsted Letter