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Whitehall Update ***WEATHER****

Year Six Whitehall Visit

NEW:  (8.55am) The head of centre has driven the Headteacher of St. Andrews down the road that Whitehall is on (A5004) to Buxton to check conditions, as the road is currently affected by drifting.  The snow is forecast to continue for most of the day.  The coach company are getting the coach to Buxton for 10am, so that they can easily get to us as things clear.  DCC will drive a snow plough in front of the coach if needed to get us out.  We will not attempt the journey until the road is completely clear. This could mean that we are either early or late, so there will be a further update.  


7.30am Good morning to you all.  In a nutshell, we are currently on track for business as usual with an estimated arrival time back at St Andrew's of 3pm TODAY.

The overnight snow was not as heavy as forecast by the Met Office. We currently have around 7cm (3 inches). There is warning out for A5004 Long Hill Road (the road that Whitehall is on) for hazardous driving conditions, but we have already seen the snow ploughs out and it is stated that the roads will be clear by 10am. Whitehall kitchen staff have made it in on this road without problems.

I have spoken to the coach company, and they are currently happy that it will be safe to travel by lunchtime. The coach drivers plan to arrive half an hour early so that we can be loaded up and off in good time.

I will let you know if there are any further updates, but unless the situation deteriorates we are on track for everything to run as originally planned.  Thank you for your support and understanding. I trust you feel it has helped to be kept informed in this way.



A decision has been made to let the children stay at Whitehall tonight and hopefully return as normal tomorrow. However we are monitoring weather conditions and if they deteriorate we may attempt an early pick up in the morning to ensure the safety of staff and children.

You are able to pick your children up from Whitehall tonight if you are concerned about their welfare. Please let Mrs Gratton know on


The Met office is forecasting heavy snow from 11pm tonight, so we are looking carefully at the options for getting our Y6 children home safely tomorrow.  The Whitehall centre uses three forecasts, and on balance across the three, they are happy at present that there is unlikely to be a difficulty tomorrow.

We have spoken with the coach company and the Whitehall centre, and we will be reviewing the situation throughout the morning.  One possible option has been bringing the children back tonight. .Although neither Whitehall or the coach company currently deem this necessary, it would seem sensible for you to regularly check our web site and your phones.