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Welcome Back



Great to see everyone looking super-smart with all-red uniform and very shiny shoes (let's hope they stay that way).


This year sees a few changes:  Goodbye Mrs P (sob!); Hello Miss Blacklock (Yay!): A new set of Prefects and House Captains (Watch this space); New School Councillors to help with decisions and a change to the Attendance rewards.


The one this that doesn't change are (let's hear it kids):  THE RULES! If we all follow the rules, play nicely together, speak nicely to one another and treat like we wish to be treated, then it will be another great year.


Apologies in advance (and this is a loooong advance) for any mistakes, errors, omissions, typos, over-sights and general muck-ups that I might cause!  I, like all of the staff, can only do my best and I know that this sometimes falls-short of the standards we expect.

' To err is human; to forgive, divine'.


As always, if there is anything that needs attending to, we have a very open-door school and are happy to speak to you whenever possible.  However, this does not always mean straight-away as our first priority is to teaching and learning.  So please do not be offended if you are asked to make an appointment, or return at the end of the day.  This is also the case for me this year, as I will be teaching on Wednesday mornings in Year 6, so please don't count on my attention then:  I will most likely be reading the 'How to Teach' literature for Heads.


Hope all of this makes sense and see you all at some point!


Mr C.