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Sports Day Details

Evening All


It is with crossed-fingers, that I email this; hoping that the weather remains fine and doesn't have a 'moment' like this afternoon.


Thought it prudent just to send out a couple of reminders about bits-and-bobs:


The children will be lunching from 12pm on the fields and you are welcome to join them and get a good a spot on the field.  If your child's behaviour and choice-making has been such that they are spending time in the Reflection Room, then unfortunately, they will not be on the field during lunch.  We understand that it is a special day, but need to send clear messages that choice have consequences, which sometimes mean letting others down too.


Sports Day should start as close to 1pm as possible.  We will hopefully get the children registered at 12.45pm for a flying-start.

The children, as in all previous years, will be gathered together under their team gazebo for the duration of the event.  Please do not try to sit with your child, or beckon them over, as it is important we know where the children are and know they are safe.  Sports Day is, in effect, a lesson, and so normal school protocol will be followed.  The children know not to leave their allotted areas, so please help us to safeguard them by following this guidance.


Hats, sun-cream and water - please make sure your child is sent with the right equipment.


Unfortunately, we will not be having a refreshment stand this year, so please make sure you all bring plenty of cold drinks too.  This naturally means no alcohol.  Apparently there was an 'incident' one year, so i feel i should mention it!


Cheer!  All of the children will be trying hard and it might be hot and tiring, so your encouragement will be more valuable than ever.


Thanks for reading and see some of you tomorrow.


Mr C.