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Snow Information



The forecast for the weekend involves an 'Amber' snow warning for this area, so keeping you updated is important.


I need to consider both the welfare of the children and that of staff who travel from Sheffield, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.  Any decision made will take these factors into consideration.


On Monday morning, possibly Sunday night, I will be speaking to our Site Manager about the access to the school via Castle Hill, the staff about their local situation, the forecast for the coming day and also the headteachers in the area. I will hopefully be able to make a decision based on these factors before 7.30am.


Please keep checking the website and please don't call school - if we are closed, no-one will answer, if we are open, come to school!  The lines may also be needed to keep in touch with staff.


Many thanks in advance for your help, cooperation and understanding in this matter.


Mr C.